Clean Reach Bathtub Cleaner Brush Ergonomic Handled Scrub Ultimate Clean
Clean Reach Bathtub Cleaner Brush Ergonomic Handled Scrub Ultimate Clean

Clean Reach Bathtub Cleaner Brush Ergonomic Handled Scrub Ultimate Clean

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  • extendable handles
  • Touch-free cleaning
  • Extends 33''
  • 3 cleaning pads
  • 1 telescopic pole

Clean Reach is a device that helps you get into any crevice that you need to eliminate dirt and grime from, but with much greater ease than you presently do.

  • What is Clean Reach?


Cleaning your home is a task that seems never-ending. Even if you clean the entire house from top to bottom, you will inevitably start finding new messes that need to be cleaned, which can be frustrating when you spent hours on your hands and knees or even on ladders to reach the most difficult spaces.

However, you don’t need to keep going through so much discomfort or the sake of a clean home. Instead, you can use Clean Reach.


Using Clean Reach

You may be surprised to learn that you already have the skills and knowledge that you need to use this device. Since the handle is extendable, you can modify it to fit the distance between you and the surface.


You use the handle in the same way that you would use a mop handle to reach the sponge at the end.

You can use any cleaner on the sponge that you would normally use in your regimen for your home. With the shape of the sponge, it’s easier to clean through the corners of your home, which is the biggest problem with using a mop or any other handled brush.

However, this structure lets you provide the pressure and movement needed from a distance, which makes it easier to clean each area thoroughly.

This brush should be rinsed and washed regularly. However, there is no indication of the proper way to keep the sponges disinfected on a regular basis.











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